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  • Plant specialist at Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show

    Plant specialist at Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show

    I love being involved in curating the garden sections of the Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show at Rheged. It’s a lot of work but also a fantastic opportunity ...

  • An amazing new space

    An amazing new space

    As some of you will know, the team at Rheged are moving things around “under the hill” at the moment. Maureen and I have seen the plans and we’d been ...

  • Going with the flow

    Going with the flow

    As the winter months approach, many will be wondering how increased rainfall will affect their gardens. The good news is that there are plenty of things that gardeners can do to incorporate some resilience and there’s advice available from local experts too.

  • New garden transformation

    New garden transformation

    A garden designer like me loves this blank page approach but it can be daunting for anyone else. Most developers leave plots with a lawn, paving and fencing and there are a number of key things that you can do to transform it.

  • A bit of back story

    A bit of back story

    We’ve always focused on our projects and clients’ gardens in our website News but we’re often asked how Buzy Lizzie Garden Design and Wildroof Landscapes began so here’s a taste of our story.

  • Part of the landscape

    Part of the landscape

    Many Cumbrian gardens include steep slopes and, of course, the county is known for its rain too. We’ve learnt to work with the elements and the landscape to create stunning gardens that quickly look as if they’ve been there for years.

  • From Hygge to Shinrin-yoku

    From Hygge to Shinrin-yoku

    The team from Wildroof Landscapes and Buzy Lizzie constructed a fascinating stand for the Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show at Rheged last week. Liz Newport, aka Buzy Lizzie and one of the curators of the Show, took as her theme a Japanese ‘forest bathing’ approach to relaxing gardens. You might have read about Danish hygge – comfort, cosiness and warmth – but forest bathing (or shinrin-yoku in Japanese) is a refreshing, green and invigorating alternative.

  • Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show 2016

    Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show 2016

    The full line up of experts has been announced for the 2016 Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show.

    The event takes place on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March 2016 at ...

  • Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show 2015

    Cumbria Life Home & Garden Show 2015

    Garden exhibitors at the Home & Garden Show will be covering the whole spectrum of garden design, development and maintenance, from hard landscaping and architectural features to plants and planting ...

  • Gardening for wildlife

    Gardening for wildlife

    Even the smallest garden can include elements that encourage and sustain wildlife. Cumbria Wildlife Corporate Trust members, Liz and Phil Newport of Wildroof Landscapes, share ideas for gardens of ...

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