Penrith Building Supplies paving display

Penrith Building Supplies paving display
Phil Newport (right) and Paul Moran (left) from Wildroof Landscapes with Martyn Haughan from Penrith Building Supplies and the new paving display.

The team at Wildroof Landscapes has been working on site at Gillwilly for one of its regular suppliers, Penrith Building Supplies (PBS), creating a patchwork of different paving and landscaping stonework that incorporates more than 30 different stones, gravels and paving materials.

Phil and Liz Newport and their Wildroof Landscapes team, based at Catterlen near Penrith, worked with Martyn Haughan at PBS, to devise and layout the scheme, which is a 6 metre by 26 metre display alongside the PBS customer car park.

“The main paving supplier, Pavestone, had created the basic design,” said Liz, “but the display also incorporates a selection of decorative gravels along one edge and a couple of other elements to feature most of the key materials available from PBS. It took the team several days to do all the work involved, setting all the paving into a suitable base and making sure that the finish was spot on.”
The new display area has already proved popular with customers: “The Easter weekend was particularly busy with domestic customers looking for DIY supplies and ideas,” said Martyn, PBS Sales Manager, “so the chance to see our range of paving materials properly installed, with ideas for how to use them in combinations, is a big improvement over just laying a few stones on the ground in the car park.”

Penrith Building Supplies stocks both natural stone and concrete and reconstituted stone products and is also an agent for Lakeland Pavers at nearby Flusco. “Penrith Building Supplies is one of a couple of local suppliers that we use to source stone for our work on clients’ gardens,” said Phil Newport, “even though we often try to re-use and recycle stone on site if we can. Some of the newer products from PBS, such as the “rumbled” paving that has an aged look, fit in well with local Cumbrian schemes and existing walls and hard landscaping. So it was useful to work on the Penrith display area and see how these newer materials handled in practice.”

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